The anglican free communion international is the continuous line of the vision of the founders, our ideals full of the love of Christ make us carry on with our mission to carry the message of hope, love and charity to everyone in the world; we are a community of brothers who carry in our hearts the strength of the Holy Spirit to return hope to so many that the world has rejected, to bring the good news to so many that the world has set aside, to show the world the face of goodness of our good God.

The Anglican Free Communion International is a confederation of independent and autocephalous Denominations or Churches exercising identity in particularity because of the autonomy of every individual Church.  They exist in harmony with one another and follow a spirituality and practice within an Anglican ethos.  They only accept any form of centrality as part of a world-wide family of Churches.

The Anglican Free Communion International is not a superficial expression of a freedom, which may or may not be found within the Anglican Communion, and therefore does not wish to create either a legal or jurisdictional framework, as may be detectable in mainstream AnglicanismThis ecclesial model is both catholic and protestant as understood in traditional terms.



My highly respected sisters and brothers,

It is my privilege to greet you and I cordially welcome you to our renewed Communion. We are excited about the future. We have made changes that will make our Communion one of excellence and will restore it to the original vision of a “free” Communion.
I want to inform you of some of the important changes that we commit to in this Communion: 
1. Here no one person has, or will have, the power to ex-communicate another Bishop. 
2. Here no one will talk or write insulting things in regard to any member’s country or place of origin.
3. Here we don’t care about your personal political positions and, as with all personal issues, you should be keep them to yourself.   
4. Here ideas that improve the Communion are always welcome, especially when proposed by a majority of members.
5. Here we believe in the equality of the people in all countries. Colonialism is a practice of domination, involving the subjugation of one people to another, and is not consistent with the principles of this Communion. 
6. Here xenophobic statements about other people and countries are not appropriate expressions within this Communion.
7. Here the autonomy of each Province, Country and its Bishop(s) will be respected.
8. Here our ecclesiology will be from the 21st century, not that of the 14th century. Therefore, our leadership structure and practice will be horizontal, valuing equality. There will be no centralism or verticalism.
9. Here we commit to being truly inclusive. Inclusivity that can be expressed only in a certain way, or according to some special formula, risks excluding those who are attempting to be inclusive. Inquisitions of people with different ways of implementing equity and inclusion are inappropriate in our Communion and should not happen.
10. Here all the baptized will have access to, and participation in, each Sacrament.
Here we have seen the Spirit of God moving in this renewal. 
Here we trust that the Divine Spirit moves in our neighbors as well.
Here among us we have witnessed diverse and impressive miracles. Here among us we have seen sacrifice in favor of the poor and oppressed.
Here we have seen and participated in the struggle for the civil rights of all.
Having seen this, we encourage and commit ourselves to move forward, reinforced by the experience of the Divine touch, with eyes on the goal with the Spirit leading us.
Again, welcome and best regards.
Blessings +++


The spirituality of our ecclesiastical communion is inclusive, equitable and ecumenical. We are Christians on pilgrimage to and in Jesus Christ. We believe that the Word of God in the Old and New Testaments contains all necessary for Salvation. We live the Apostolic and Sacramental Traditions expressed in the first four councils of the church. We accept as symbols of the faith the Apostolic, Nicene and Athanasius Creeds. We rejoice in our freedom in Christ. We respect all primates and leaders of the Christian world but we live and minister without being subject to any primate beyond our jurisdiction and/or any primates elected by other persons or in secret. We are not subject to any European monarch.

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