Presiding Bishop

Anglican Free Communion

The Most Rev’d Dr. Ronald Lee Firestone, PhD, MA, BA, BEd.

Ronald Lee Firestone

With a humble heart, full of the Holy Spirit; with words of encouragement and hope; with open arms to everyone; with his feet ready to go out to meet each son  and daughter of the church wherever it may be; with his mind illuminated by the word of God; with all his goodness as only a pious man can be; So we receive our Presiding bishop, and we are proud and glad to be able to count on an extraordinary human being as our leader,  and count on him to continue making this communion the home for everyone!
We pray that your connection with our website and any interest in our witness to the Risen Lord Jesus Christ will be a positive and uplifting element in your spiritual journey.


Bishop Ronald comes from a family tradition of service to the kingdom of god. His parents and grandparents were missionaries. That is why he was born in Bolivia where with his son they have served as missionary physicians. First ordained in 1966, he served churches of Wesleyan tradition as youth pastor, senior pastor, consecrated missionary and seminary professor. His international service has distinguished him in California, Mexico and Bolivia. His ecumenical service in the union church system with the International Congregations and Christians Abroad is what awakened his interest in liturgy and High Church Traditions.

Following through with this interest he read for Holy Orders, and then  studied with the Dominican Institute  of the Anglican Order of Preachers  He fell in love with Apostolic Succession and accepted ordination into the Anglican priesthood and consecration as a Bishop. Dr. Ronald has a distinguished academic and professional career. He holds three Bachelor’s degrees, his Masters degree holds two majors giving him licenses as a psychologist and nutritionist .  His doctorate as a Chiropractic Physician has qualified him for licensure  and the experience of practice in California, Mexico and Bolivia. He has represented his profession as elected representative for Latin America to its World Federation in oficial relationship with the World Health Organization.He has served 20 years in Higher Education, teaching in multiple faculties, founding new faculties contributing to university and national development.

His great joy is Church growth and development. He has ordained 12 bishops and expanded the Communion in North and South America and Africa. establishing half a dozen new provinces.

His wife is a university professor and psychologist. She also a vocational Deacon  He and Deacon Esther Violet Cepeda have two grown children. Their daughter is a Clinical Psychotherapist in California, and their Son is an Anglican missionary doctor in Bolivia.

“The Episcopal Free Church”

(Old name: The Free Protestant Episcopal Church- FPEC)

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30 Dec 1900 02 Feb 1917 Charles Isaac Stevens, DD, LL.D 1835 1917
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16 Oct 1928 18 May 1939 Herbert James Monzani Heard, DD, LL.D 1866 1947
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05 Feb 2015   Richard Arthur Palmer, PhD, MA, BA, B.Ed 1946  
01 Jan 2020   Ronald Lee Firestone, PhD, MA, BA, B.Ed