The Anglican Free Communion International

Is a self-governing independent anglican episcopal community worldwide

“Anglican Ethos”

Anglican Liturgy
Use of the Book of Common Prayer
Apostolic succession
Ecclesiastical structure with Historic Episcopacy

Infant baptism without re-baptism
Equity and inclusiveness

The Anglican Free Communion International is a group of worldwide Christians committed to carrying the vision and anointing of our founders. We have pushed forward through many difficulties and we will continue to bring forth God’s promise to many who have been forgotten, through our ministries.
The Anglican Free Communion International– The Episcopal Free Church, formerly know as the Free Protestant Episcopal Church, is a worldwide group of Anglicans of the many varieties of Churchmanship, From Anglo-Catholic (High Church), Evangelical (Low Church), Latitudinarian (Broad Church), Charismatic and Liberal.

All of the Provinces within the Communion are autonomous, comprised of self-governing churches and families of churches around the world.
The Anglican Free Communion International was established in England on 02 November 1897 by a union of several small British episcopates established in the 1870s, independent of the Church of England: The Ancient British Church, founded in 1866, by The Most Rev’d Charles Isaac Stevens; The Nazarene Episcopal Ecclesia, founded in 1873, by The Most Rev’d James Martin; The Free Protestant Church of England, founded in 1889, by The Most Rev’d Leon Checkemian; The Most Rev’d Leon Checkemian (1848 – 1920), an Armenian Uniate bishop had moved to Britain and became an Anglican and served as the first primate of the new Church.
The mission of the Anglican Free Communion International was to act as a reunion church among the various Protestant bodies, possessing valid Catholic sacraments and thus avoiding the objections raised by the Holy See to the Holy Orders of the Church of England. The 1662 Book of Common Prayer was the normative liturgy, while the 1878 Constitution and Canons of the Reformed Episcopal Church in Great Britain were adopted. 

Checkemian was elected the first Primus as Mar Leon, and the Pro-Cathedral of the church was St Stephen’s Church, East Ham. In 1900, Checkemian retired from the Primacy in favour of Stevens, also passing to him the headship of the United Armenian Catholic Church of the British Isles, a body for Armenian expatriates that he had founded in 1889. In 1917 the Anglican Free Communion was legally recognized by the English courts when one of its clergymen was declared exempt from military service by virtue of his ordination.
Currently The Anglican Free Communion International is a communion of free Anglican churches around the world, living an Anglican reconciliation and unity.
The following Mission statement was approved, in General Synod 2012, in Bolivia, with an initial theme statement:
“No matter who you are or where you are on your spiritual journey you are welcome to our table.  The Gifts of God are free!”
After a difficult decision and after much prayer the consistory of bishops in a unanimous and unique decision in our history deposed Bishop Palmer, to appoint  Archbishop Ronald Firestone as the presiding bishop of our communion, This occurred on January 1, 2020, and we have put our confidence in him in that he will be able to guide us to continue the vision of our founders.
Episcopal manifesto of Nov.3, 2012
As a Communion we declare ourselves to be in solidarity for a just society. 
We reject all forms of Imperialism and violence whether physical, economic, psychological or other. We promote actions in favor of the Universal Human Rights Declaration with the purpose of making the Kingdom of God present here and now.
Apostolic Succession
This Church holds valid Apostolic Succession derived from the Armenian Catholic Church, the Syrian Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Church of England (through the Reformed Episcopal Church of the United States of America). These lines were in the jurisdictions that united us in 1897 to found the Free Protestant Episcopal Church.
We are now the the communion that is following the ideals  of the founders, The council of bishops  decided on January 1, 2020; to take a new direction and name this communion The Anglican Free Communion International- The Episcopal Free Church, to return to our roots and continue to take our identity to the world.