Archbishop Laurent Lenne
Province of France/Presiding Bishop

Bishop David Sanchez Marquez
Province of Spain

Bishop Jose Manuel Tena
Province of Spain

Bishop Maria Vittoria Longhitano
Province of Italy


Archbishop Dr. P. Saloman Jobs
Province of Asia and India/Presiding Bishop

Bishop Mali Johnson
Province of Asia and India

Bishop Dr. Daniel M. Pichi
Province of Sri Lanka

Bishop Stephen L. Villaester
Province of the Philippines


Archbishop Euloge Valery Massamba
Province of the Congo

Bishop Essaga Ndzana Benoit
Province of Cameroon

Archbishop David Sanchez Marquez
Province of Madagascar

Bishop Josiah K. Pah
Province of Liberia


Archbishop Ronald Lee Firestone
Presiding Bishop of AFCI-TFEC/ Province of the West

Reverend Betty Creamer
Vicar of the Province of the West

Archbishop Edward Vaughan
Presiding Bishop USA/ Province of the Central U.S.

Bishop Kenneth Young
Province of Christ the Servant(mountain) U.S.

Archbishop Gregory Ray
Province of the Northeast/Province of N. America

Bishop John Oliver, Ph.D.
Province of the Southeast/ Diocese of Jacksonville

Bishop Raul E. Toro Jr.
Secretary General AFCI-TEFC/Diocese of Keystone

Bishop Whitcomb Harding

Archbishop Haiver Caballero
Chancellor AFCI-TFEC


Bishop Raul E. Toro Jr.
Province of the Caribbean

Bishop-elect Leon Peters
Suffragan Bishop-elect Province of the Caribbean


Bishop Raul Toro (Temporary)
Province of Central America


Bishop Gerardo Bustamante
Province of Argentina/Province of South America

Archbishop Orlando Salamanca
Province of Colombia/Province of South America

Bishop Andres Losano

Province of William Laud

Bishop Carlos Nunez
Province of Santos Angeles Custodios

Archbishop Guido Velarde
Presiding Bishop of South America/ Province of Bolivia

Bishop Dr. Jesus Manuel M. Quiroz 
Province of Peru

Archbishop Dom Lucas Macieira
Province of Brazil

Archbishop Antonio Nato

Archbishop Jose Branco

Bishop Tito Salas Becera
Province of Venezuela

Bishop Rodrigo Araya
Province of Chile